Sancar Turkish Cultural
and Community Center

 Art Exhibition

Unique Yet Identical

“Imagine a place where background and prejudice do not come into play. The main message of the show is presenting a wide variety of people that are unique in their personalities, yet identical by all being women. The inspiration for my work derives from my own personal experience regarding my ethnicity. Throughout my life I have not been able to truly discern where I believe I have come from, resulting in challenges with my identity. Thus I hope from this show you are able to gather that these women would rather be asked about their respective personalities, as opposed to where they come from”.

~ Laleh Bagherzadi ~

Laleh Bagherzadi Watercolor

Opening Reception

July 29

Exhibit Hours

July 30–Aug 31, 2022
Wed – Sun, 2-7pm

Featured Artist

Laleh Bagherzadi, PhD

Support Scientist at USDA-ARS

Travel Exhibition Director at Watercolor Society of NC

Laleh grew up in Azerbaijan, a place full of apple and grape orchards; growing up in nature was a big motivation for her to paint. After moving to US, she obtained her PhD in Agriculture, however, she also continued to pursue her dream for painting as well. She won the first prize in Watercolor Society of NC in 2020 “We are all chained together”; advocating for humanity.

Laleh Bagherzadi Headshot