Sancar Scholars Residence

Handpanted Turkish Cup and Saucer
First AGSF Turk Evi 2008

Drs. Aziz and Gwen Sancar long dreamed of the idea of a Türk Evi (Turkish House) close to a university campus. “The day I stepped off the airplane in Dallas-Texas, I essentially saw the need for such a house on college campuses and promised myself to eventually dedicate my resources to a project of this kind,” said Dr. Aziz Sancar, proudly after the purchase of the property of the Foundation’s first Türk Evi, called Carolina Türk Evi, in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Carolina Türk Evi became a reality on May 19, 2008. The first Türk Evi provided graduate housing for four Turkish researchers at UNC-CH and short-term guest services for visiting Turkish scholars.

With the completion of the Sancar Turkish Cultural & Community Center (STCCC), the Aziz and Gwen Sancar Foundation has started phase two of the site development – the campaign for the construction of the Sancar Scholars Residence (SSR.)  Like the original Türk Evi, the SSR will serve as graduate housing for Turkish researchers and accommodations for visiting Turkish scholars.

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Plans for the Sancar Scholars Residence