STCCC | Aziz & Gwen Sancar Foundation

Sancar Turkish Cultural & Community Center (STCCC)

Aziz & Gwen Sancar Foundation (AGSF) was established in 2007. The Foundation has been serving its community since then. AGSF has a location called Carolina Turk Evi, currently at 743 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Carolina Turk Evi provides housing for visiting scholars and students from Turkey. It also provide facilities for American Turkish community in Chapel Hill area for bayram gatherings, celebrations, meetings and many other cultural events. It promotes cultural exchange between Turkey and the United States. Its offerings has been well received within the community and embraced by other organizations.

Sancar Turkish Cultural & Community Center (STCCC) is the new vision of AGSF.  Click here to DONATE US... 

  • Building on initial success of AGSF, STCCC will expand services and facilities on a much broader scale
  • STCCC will act as an incubator for Turkish American organizations that promote Turkish Culture and Heritage
  • STCCC will promote outreach activities such as congressional visits to Turkey, study abroad by creating affiliations with other cultural and educational organizations
  • STCCC will promote science and technology exchange using local universities and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. RTP is the first and one of the largest research parks established in the world.
  • STCCC has established collaborations with the local Turkish American organizations to further shape and perfect its mission.
  • To begin with, Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF), AGSF and Honorary Turkish Consul in North Carolina will be located at STCCC.